Providing expert analysis, litigation support and professional consulting services to the telecommunications, insurance, electric, 
gas, and other industries.

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JWWA provides expert consulting services on a wide variety of topics in the telecommunications industry, including:

  • International privatization and regulation
  • Regulatory sector development
  • Alternative regulation
  • Tariff unbundling
  • Open network architecture
  • Cost studies
  • Interconnection
  • Cost of service/rate design
  • Depreciation
  • Competition
  • Video dialtone service
  • Cable Television

International Privatization and Regulation

JWWA has taken an active role in promoting fair competition in the telecommunications industries of developing countries around the globe. JWWA, working with the World Bank, is assisting with the establishment of telecommunications regulation and regulatory bodies in Tanzania,Nepal, and Egypt and is actively expanding its activities worldwide.


The Tanzania Communications Commission was established in 1993 with the assistance of JWWA. Until the establishment of the TCC, all telephone service was provided by a state owned telephone monopoly. The telephone company was privatized and the TCC was established to regulate the existing telephone company and to promote development in the Republic of Tanzania. JWWA provided assistance with the drafting of the Communications Act in Tanzania establishing the Commission, and is continuing to provide advice and assistance with the training of the professional staff at the TCC and with the introduction of regulation and competition into the industry.


The Kingdom of Nepal is currently drafting the laws which will govern modern telecommunications development in Nepal. The laws establish a regulatory commission to regulate the recently privatized telephone monopoly. JWWA is assisting with the drafting of this legislation and the establishment of the regulatory commission, and is providing ongoing advice and assistance with the training of the professional staff of both the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Nepal Telecommunications Company.


Currently telecommunications service in Egypt is provided by a government owned and operated utility, ARENTO (Arab Republic of Egypt National Telecommunications Organization). JWWA is providing analysis and discussion of different regulatory regimes and regulatory bodies that would allow restructuring of the Egyptian telecommunications industry and ARENTO, including the possibility of privatization.